Short-term and Long-term

Tomorrow I run… I need to run. My body now longs for it and calls for it. My soul wants that freedom and pride that comes from working so hard… I even found a mindfulness running track on insight timer, and I’m even more excited that it’s supposed to rain when I go. 

During the transition to summer mosquitos were WAY too much, the sun against the pavement kept giving me sunburns, and fatigue from dehydration was getting the best of me – I am not a summer runner. I would gladly bundle myself up in layers and sweat my ass off while risking slipping on my ass over that any day. I hope they keep their sidewalks good in winter, or else I need to find somewhere else to go… I hate treadmills in stoic environments. I need to download that running app again. 

At the coffee shop 2 Bernie supporters wrote letters and posted them, urging his followers to vote for Hillary despite everything because of trump, since a lot of people are now saying “I’m not voting”… I grabbed my pen and wrote on the bottom “we live in a state where we can write his name in; I will not be bullied by the Democratic Party to vote for Hillary.”

What most people fail to realize is how important the local races are. When you look at the struggles Obama faced, so much of what he wanted to do didn’t get done because of the direct conflicts between senate and congress. You want real change this election season? VOTE ON A LOCAL LEVEL AND KNOW WHOYOU’RE  VOTING FOR!!! Sorry but I get pretty angry over this crap. 

Work starts in 20 and I’m just not looking forward to it… I’m ready for the next 2 days off to reenergize. 


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