On Samhain I drew the lemon card (thinking creatively), orange (nurture self), rainbow (connect to spirit in nature), and pearl (connect to the divine). 

Today I wanted to make sure I connected with all of these, and after hiking, meditating, looking for sticks to make a wood pentagram for my “alter”, and taking a nap, the last thing I needed to do was connect with the divine. I decided the best way to do this was to omit the previous cards from the deck, and use my energy to draw new ones. 

The strongest calling I got from the deck was the violet card: create a balanced life. 

Second to this was Cyan: build your confidence. This deals belief in self, balancing the systems in your body, and clarity when making choices.

Third is silver: peace and persistence, calming nervous system (again), bringing serenity, and expanding awareness. It strengthens the healing process through purification, and can be used for protection and grounding.

When I’m able to reflect on this more I will… For now it’s Bob Ross and bed time. 


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