Walked 5 miles into work today – I had hoped that packet of oatmeal this morning would have been enough to hold me over but by the time I got to work I was ready for a nap and hungry.

While on the clock Danielle pulls me aside and tells me there is a shift leader position available, and I’d be an excellent candidate for it, but my hours of availability weren’t enough; if I can increase my hours and find a sitter She would give me the job. Finally that manager position was available to me, and in good timing. I already have the neighbor next door interested in having her daughter babysit Syrus for me, but I want 2 more people to be available so I have back-up and a weekend sitter. I’d be getting between 30-40 hours a week, which is much better than the 14 I average now. Furthermore I’d have extra money after paying the sitters, so I’m not breaking even or losing anything. Hopefully I can get this settled in 2 weeks time and have the job by then. This means I can get rid of Ben and let him chase his addiction.

Thank god for chicken – I was STARVING!!!


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