I fucking voted for the enemy. I saw the polls before I voted, and trump was in the lead. I promised myself I would write in Bernie and vote on morals and not fear… Then I saw his supporters and was genuinely afraid… Once again, I felt like my freedom of choice was gone. I know that isn’t true, but it’s how it feels. I was weeping on my way too the polls and was unsure who to vote for even at the last minute. I stood there pen in hand wondering “do I go with Jill or Hillary”, and what Bernie said made sense… “Now is not the time for a protest vote.” By the same token if Jill gets 5% of the vote, it opens up for a new party.

I hate this… But I hate trump more. Who the fuck votes for a rapist!?! 😡😡😡

Aside from that I did yoga and got 2 new books at the library. My day has not been worth it. 


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