In the Pantheon of the Gods of Wrath

How dare you. How dare you wake me up with faux videos of heartache and suffering of yourself in sign language for politics when you didn’t vote. 

How dare you. How dare you take advantage of the hoards of people that are enchanted and surrounded by you to garner sympathy and empathy due to your social disadvantages. 

How dare you. How dare you mourn with those who put themselves on the line when you took advantage of your youth and your community by not prioritizing history in the making. You fear exploitation, but yet you took advantage of us by pressuring people to not vote third party, but yet you didn’t show up at all, believing we would defend your freedoms for you based on the last 8 years. 

How dare you. How dare you make excuses and tell me there was a line out the ass when you went to vote before you got home, but I confronted you the moment they closed. I feel genuinely lied too. How dare you throw away so many precious core values and beg for empathy after. How dare you exploit our emotions. The polls closed at 7 and the librarian worked the polls the whole day – I know the truth. Don’t fucking lie to me. How dare you!

Once again I’m in tears… I hate this… Not as much as I use too, but I hate this.

I also no longer have a Sunday sitter (shocker), and my anxiety is through the roof over the most mundane shit. I haven’t confronted him on any of this, and I refuse too. I hope the shame of his actions catches up with him, and Kylie for that matter. I can’t respect a woman who can’t think for herself, or any person for that matter. I too was an undecided voter but I showed up. I too was a Bernie supporter but I showed up. How dare you pretend to care about people and not show up the 1 day it mattered more than any other in your life. 40% of people didn’t vote, and 2 of them that live with me are among them. Shame on them, and with the context of shame that I wrestle with I don’t use that term lightly or freely.

*sigh* need to finish laundry…


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