Writing Prompts 1

Write about a situation in which you threw caution to the wind. What happened, and how did it work out?

I remember when I was with the prayer group “extreme teens” to a prayer rally in Spokane Washington. It was a private high school that was a lot like Philips Exeter – multiple buildings with different subjects that ran similar to a college, but church worship came first. I was to write a moving speech using my story to persuade my peers to remain strong in Jesus. I wrote on the plane, edited it like crazy, and right up until the last second I wonder which parts to keep or toss, what was too much or perhaps irrelevant and glorified myself over God, which was my biggest fear. 

I sat in the front row with a crowd of about 250 people behind me, young and old. I was a shaky, jittery 15 year old, but I knew this was what I was meant for. I was called up to the front, handed the microphone, and with my notebook in hand, hours of thoughts, feelings, and struggles I’d endured in my upbringing mixed with my transformation in Christ, I chucked the notebook to the ground and told the audience I was gonna wing it… I didn’t need some prepared speech about my story, because I knew my story – I lived it daily, carried it in my heart, and launched into my personal testimony from there. I was terrified that exposing the abuses of my parents would come back to haunt me with someone running back to my mom saying “you’ll never guess what your daughter said” (nothing I said was ever kept safe or sacred in her network). About 45 minutes later I was done, and everyone stood to their feet and applauded. A few teens were crying and told me later that they could relate to my story; men of higher ranking authority felt it necessary to mansplain and correct a few “points” I had made, but overall it went well. 


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