An Attitude of Gratitude 

So I’ve solidified what I’ll be doing for Wednesday and Thursday (Thanksgiving). I have 50 baggies with Louise Hay wisdom cards in each bag. In each will also be a bag of tea, a small candy, a band-aid, and a small letter from me that I’ll be printing at the library. While most random acts of kindness are objects that are given, I want to give emotions – not to say people don’t get emotional on the receiving end in either circumstance, but I’m looking to plant a seed that will grow into something positive and powerful. The candy symbolizes the sweet moments in life and taking the time to reflect on them as a meditation activity, the bandaid is affirming our ability to heal from within when we take the time to take care of ourselves, the tea is a reminder to pause in the business of life and enjoy ones own company, and the card is a message for them to reflect on.

In addition I’ll be putting up “flyers” with slips that can be torn off, each with their own positive affirmation message people can reflect on for the day; as you can see this is a rough draft. I’m sure the coffee shops I visit would be more than happy to let me post them on their community boards! This particular one I can do every week if I wish, and would love to do. I also want to document this journey on Facebook to start the movement in people’s own communities as well. With enough support, I could probably start a campaign people can donate too, and I can post how their money is being used to improve the lives of others. In the era of Donald Trump, some form of helping movement and emotional support is beyond necessary. I may also start going to town meetings here in Newmarket to see how I can be more active in the community…


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