I Feel

I feel uneasy this morning; I’ve allowed the little details and hick-ups of life to zap my energy. Despite meditating I’m having a hard time staying grounded. EFT helps some, but not enough to simply release it and let things be. 

I am safe, truly I am… But my anxiety is trying to paint a different image. I’m trying not to be angry at myself for feeling this way, and I’m so sick of mental road blocks and “I’ve tried but it’s not working”… Just keep on with the EFT’s and affirmations. It’ll keep me on track. 

I’m almost done reading “you can heal your life” by Louise hay; this should help with me doing the workbook. Once I’ve established the ability to love, accept, and forgive myself, I can dive back into the deeper stuff knowing how better to release and accept it. 

I hope all this snow melts. It’s an overgrown dusting really but I’m just not ready for it yet. 

Hopefully Ben returns to normal soon; between Exeter, Dartmouth, and Mass General, I fear he’s relapsed. It’s bad enough I don’t work Sunday’s anymore. I don’t mind running in this weather, but I don’t want sy going for runs in it; ice makes it a safety hazard for him and where he doesn’t pay attention or understand safety, I’d rather I slip and fall than him. Speaking of falling, I hate that most of my pants and skirts just don’t stay on. It’s annoying to say the least. :-/ 

It’s been 1 year…. My how much has changed…


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