Happy Thanksgiving: The Day of Gratitude

OMG I overdid it this year! πŸ˜‚ All this for 2 people; I should have bought a rotisserie chicken but hey, I pulled all this off for $50 and a free turkey! 

Prior too the traditional dinner festivities, I put on my gratitude event! I left the baggies scattered around town in popular places where people were sure to grab them, and surprisingly enough there were still plenty of people walking around this morning. I didn’t put them all out since I can keep this going till I run out, but almost half were distributed. 

Even better was the reaction by the police department when I dropped off their cookies and tea! Thankfully with Kerri’s donation yesterday I got to restock the honey chamomile vanilla tea and give the whole box to the PD, which was an amazing bonus. ^_^ I’ll probably be helping myself to a soothing cup of tea tonight. 

I am truly thankful, and truly blessed! Rather than being bummed out and depressed because it’s just the two of us, I was able to make an amazing day of it! ❀️ I’m also proud of the ton of effort I poured into making this day so special. I still haven’t baked the pumpkin pie yet, but at this point I’m sooooo stuffed I don’t think I need it. That sweet potato casserole was sweet enough to suffice as a dessert. 

I hope that you, my readers, have a reason to be thankful today from anywhere across the globe! Merry meet!



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