Leading the Rebellion

I’m living with mom and Randy again, and mom hasn’t changed at all. She’s crass, manipulative, and only cares about herself. I remember her telling me I’m not allowed to have a pet but she’s bragging how she has 4 pets. I finally find the animals in the house and there’s 3 cats and 1 puppy, all napping comfortably in hiding. As I’m petting them mom comes around the corner and wants to brag about all these shades of lipstick she owns and little Jim elaborates later she got a lot of them from her wedding planning business. 
“This one relieves stress. This one makes you look younger…”

She was being arrogant again through her tone of voice and body language. 

At some point in time she tells me she’s going to “put me to work” and puts me with this group of people on a college campus somewhere. On my way there I catch up with little Jim which was nice to engage in intelligent dialogue. I congratulate him on his new gf and leave it at that. 

Finally I get to this group of people and a very flamboyant type hunger games circus style ringleader tells me what to work on and to get to it; it’s something similar to mining or an archeological dig, but it’s in the middle of this giant college foyer with couches and house plants and stuff around. As I get to meet the coworkers one by one, it’s turns out they’re all slaves who aren’t allowed to leave. 

Realizing my worth, the ringleader tells everyone they will be release from their shackles and set free, but 1 person has to stay a slave for a whole year, and that person I knew was me because I was brand new. I stand up and scream that he manipulating them and how he was suggesting certain lives are worth more than others, so I led the rebellion and reminded how he’s lied and abused them in the past. They all start chanting, the ringleader begins to run, and we all chase after him; this was hard to do as many of us had heavy chains on us. 


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