More Dreams

I remember wanting to go up a woodland mountain trail… It seemed like so much fun, but I was in a car. It was one of my transportation dreams. Instead of jumping in the wrong car and getting further and further behind, getting out, running to where I need to go and never really getting there, this one was very different. I remember going grocery shopping between shaws and whole foods. My car was broken and I needed to get to my son in time from school, as well as recover my broken vehicle so it wouldn’t end up being towed and stored somewhere I couldn’t pay for. I ended up at my car using some random vehicle that looks similar to bens, but wasn’t his, but now I have 2 vehicles to get off the property, and I don’t remember how my car got there in the first place since it’s broken. It shouldn’t be here. The people who lived in this complex were starting to get agitated by the cars and my predicament. I remember I needed to run back home (in Somersworth) and finding it harder and harder to get there, consumed by panic. 


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