Obducted by Aliens

I’m in some kinda factory worker building when I get this strange vibe that something is about to go down. I look out the window and see a strange kinda shooting star and attempt to run for my life while everyone remains blissfully unaware – and that’s when they show up out of nowhere. Aliens that look like a realistic version of roger wearing space suits and hazmat suits start grabbing people and get them to board their ship. 

I leve the room I’m in, and just when i think I’ve found a safe hiding spot, someone tries to crowd in with me and we get discovered forcing me to run again, or vice versa. At one point I’m back on the roof parkouring all over the place when I find a group of people hoping to run away. Once again I notice subtle lights flashing on occasion, and they’re all over the place. I find the source – a cube this most likely a gps censor to track our location. I managed to grab 2 and throw them far away from us before an entire group of aliens teleport to the roof. One of them manages to catch me and starts to ascend, dragging me into the ship, but the energy field dragging us in malfunctions and I manage to escape before being beamed in. 

After a time of hiding and running all the people who were brought on the ship were released after something happened where their mentality subtlety changes to working slaves of obedience. Oddly enough the culture of the aliens was also now in these people, and they were all very polite and talked and laughed like normal. The leader of the aliens was now bragging how he’d turned us into “perfect” beings, and now in order to survive I had to blend in with everyone else and pretend to have been changed too. Aliens kept starring at me, suspicious of me and drawing slowly forward to monitor me closely. Soon after I wake up. 


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