My World is Right Again

Finally, after 6 months of back and forth repairs, I can safely say that my computer is finished. The memory sticks were reseated and the mother board was dusty… how they worked on my computer and never bothered to do something so basic as dust the motherboard (when other computer stores assume that responsibility when doing repair work) is beyond me. At any rate, I’m truly thankful to have it back; it should be good for another 2 years now.


Today was awesomely productive. I got laundry done, cleaned the shower, organized the living room, and managed to return a couple of library books while acquiring a few new ones. I’ve been reading my favorite manga series, Yotsuba&! (yes that’s the actual title), and loving the laughs. I managed to get a free trial of Hulu too and I think I like it better than Netflix, despite the commercials; the video selections are so much better.

I’m super proud of my sons latest painting… I should get him canvass for Christmas as a gift. I’ve loved and desperately needed this time off – so much fun & peaceful.


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