Both Kylie and Ben are back home today, and I find myself avoiding them, and dwelling on the wrong doings of one another. I had no idea how much I enjoyed not having them around, or how much of a motivation they served towards me digging as hard as I tried too in my journey. First I was paranoid, then I was hurt, and now I’m avoidant… At this point I’ve had enough of myself. >.>’ 

I cleaned my bedroom and will be doing a ritual tonight of some kind, probably the rainbow meditation to connect with my chakra centers. 

I’m looking forward to finishing my vision board and hanging it up. It’ll be just what I need. The power is within you from Louise Hay was on sale as an e-book for .99, and so I snagged it up! 🙂 I’m hoping it’s good. The pressure to write up the essays for UNH is setting in and I’ll be starting it very soon. I hope to have it submitted the first week of January since I’ll have the money then. 

So glad I have my computer back… Also, don’t buy Oakhurst eggnog! They’re supporting the Salvation Army which actively oppresses the LGBTQ community. Shame on Oakhurst!


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