An Awesome Day

Today my friend from college, Justin, picked me up and took me Christmas shopping! Between diversions, the dollar tree, liquor store, 5 below, Barnes and Noble, and the mall, I got all my shopping done! Then I get home, find a package, and there’s $100 in there! Tonight I spoil sy and I with pizza and soda, and tomorrow I grab a few more items for Christmas with the remaining budget. I’m so excited! I also bought myself a deck of tarot cards for Christmas, but like a kid in a candy shop, I wanna open it now! 😁 I still need to grab hot chocolate and mouse for the stocking, but I can now afford a beater too for baking… bout damn time. 😂

Today has been awesome, and it was so good to catch up with Justin too. I tried to offer gas money and his answer was “Nope, merry Christmas.” Sy should enjoy what I got him, and the presents from the grandparents are rolling in. He’s gonna have a ton to open this year! 😀


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