Another Morning to Connect

For once I had a little bit of pocket change and plenty of time before heading into work. I’ve got my peppermint mocha latte and Yotsuba&! Manga ready to go! I hitchhiked into town, made it safe, and am greatful for the day ahead of me. I got a boat load of cleaning done yesterday (some on my hands and knees), and I couldn’t be prouder of that work… Just wish I had gotten all the dishes done. 

Lately I’ve been feeling light and greatful ❤️ Packages from relatives are rolling in and the tree will be filled up nicely for sy this year; huge difference from last. I also have a gift under the tree this year from dad. I really do hope there’s money in there with whatever he’s gotten me. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a desktop he built in there too. 😛 Realistically I suspect something from teavanna and an iTunes gift card. He didn’t actually ask me what I wanted this year, which was strange, but I’m sure he has something in mind. I tried to wait to open the gift I bought myself but I couldn’t help it – I bought this georgeous tarot deck called Shadow Scapes. There was an oracle deck I really wanted too but I already own one, and there is a difference between tarot decks and oracle decks. 

I really need to jump back into my charcoal artwork; seems like I have all these little things I want to do but as the end of the day I find myself back on the computer playing games. I really have missed it. 

Now that I think about it I should probably read at work so they can call me up early should they need me. Last week I got a good extra 2 hours in. Hoping the check this week pushes $180! Do my Christmas dinner shopping this week too, and I got the turkey in the fridge…


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