15 Mylar Baloons

I don’t remember much of the dream, but Aris bought me a ton of balloons, many of which were Mylar, and some were standard, all of which were Valentine’s Day themed (red, black, gold). I remembered questioning him as to why he bought them, because I didn’t know what his intent was… If I had pressured him and he didn’t want to do it or he felt as if he had too or it was genuine (a chapter from our previous life really). Then he popped one of the balloons, a pretty blue one that stood out from the rest, so I rushed to defend the rest he was going to destroy. I apologize profusely and defend myself at the same time, which he visibly becomes tearful underneath the hurt he feels; his face, though his, is one I’ve never seen before due to the nature of raw emotion being exposed. He acknowledges I hurt his feelings in those questions because he was sincere, and for questioning him, he would now destroy them. I sat between him and the balloons, which were both weak and fragile, but towered over me. I begged and begged him not to pop them, they meant so much to me, and I wanted him to change his mind. Nothing I said would phase him.

I woke up shortly thereafter. I don’t know what this dream means, but I do know that was not a reflection of Aris, because although he would pop those balloons, he’d never display such emotion. He always hid his tears, and this faced was twisted and red with anguish by my doing. I wish I knew what it meant.


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