Feminism and Online Dating

You know what I realized that totally sucks? I have to justify my position in life as a woman first before I can get a guy to even consider me..

“I’m a single mom”

“I’m BBW, but I’ve lost 30 pounds”

“My car won’t be fixed till next month – hope that isn’t a deal breaker.”

You know what I deal with? I put up on my profile no smokers, poly people, and no redneck smoking conservatives and I still get those too. It’s as if I have to advertise the cons to even be considered or else I end up with hate mail like 

“No fatties”

“I hate when women don’t say upfront they have a kid… You’re cool but I’ll never consider you.”

“Unless you’re down to fuck and have a car to get you here I’m not interested.”

Seriously? I need to stop justifying myself to even be looked at, and tell the haters to fuck off. 


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