Daily Archives: January 12, 2017

Because Fuck This Day, It’s All About Me

Bananas foster on my plate, and a coffee based cocktail in front of me, this space to myself interlaced with the social atmosphere is almost exactly what I needed; all that’s missing is a good friend to share it with. Instead I substitute with my blog and a book. 

I suppose I should get off this thing and try to mingle with others, huh… 🙂


Shit-tastic day

Somewhere between Mick triggering me on Ben issues and Danielle telling me if I call out again I’ll be written out because a doctors note does nothing for anyone, I’m an emotional mess. My pride has taken a hit at work, my fears are keeping up, and the loneliness is kicking in, and I have no one to talk too and no one who would wanna hear my shit. 

I can only hope someone can watch Sy tonight so I can go out for a drink or something. It’s rare when I can just go out and cut loose, and tonight I fucking need it.