I’m sorry for what I said when I was tipsy friends

In my inebriated state I wrote myself a love letter

Dear me, I’m awesome sauce! Love, me! #tits #curlyfries PS: I love u

 Of course, I bragged about it to Ben 

Because I love curly fries, I became a potato God 

Mind you, I always talk about sex with people I feel I can get away with it, but 50 shades of potato is hilarious!

Of course I had to talk to destiny too who laughed her ass off first thing this morning at me for being “so lit”. Something to do with more tits, curly fries, needing 10 cats, and words the rhyme. 

I also remember doing a good hour of Pokemon go battles and catching Pokemon, because I needed to be outside where it was warm. Oh! And I made fun of mama June from toddlers and tiaras… Which I shouldn’t have… But it was funny

Damn you snapchat filters! Then of course the drunk selfies…

And last but not least, the 1 drink I had that started it all, but was so strong it took me an hour to drink between 4 glasses of water and my dessert. It was made with real espresso however so it wasn’t super sweet, but caffeine and alcohol is mixing uppers and downers. Don’t donit kids. 

Best night I’ve had in a while. 😂


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