Wicca, Hecate, and Healing

It's amazing how messages keep affirming, reaffirming, and building upon themselves. I'm currently working out of a book called "Hands of light; a guide to healing through the human energy field." One of the messages it talked about what receiving messages for healing, and the only way for that to happen is to connect with [...]


Nerves & Growth

Dear Ben, We are 1 wall away from each other. All I hear is the same repetitive statements over and over again, and suddenly I have to acknowledge the growth I've made, and the clinical ability to see where you're stuck. "They're so cruel. You're so cruel. The doctors were so cruel. The staff was [...]

A Day of Self Care

I don't know what it was yesterday but I felt weighed down, heavy, and my soul was just out of sync. I needed a vibrational lift, and set out for exactly that. I walked from my house to Lee initially to shop at misty meadows when Henry, one of my regulars at work, spotted me [...]