Renouncing Seventh-Day Adventism

It just occurred to me that now that I’m becoming a pagan retailer, my membership with the SDA’s was never formally dissolved… where I plan on eventually opening up a Coven under Church exemption status, I should probably do that… however, I need to wait until the business is actually generating momentum beforehand, as I don’t want their bad mojo to sabotage my business. I could just make it short and sweet and not supply an answer, which is still a thought, but I feel as if I owe them an explanation. For all the times people pointed out the “error of my ways” through fat-shaming, ageism by exploiting my childhood, or brainwashing me towards a depleted sense of self-worth, they deserve to have the burden of responsibility pushed back on them, regardless of if they do anything about it or feel anything from it. They deserve to know their sexist agenda is leading to rape in the church. They deserve to know that I will no longer be a victim, nor support them in creating victims either. Women are not inherently victims, and as much as the church attempts to portray that sexist ideology, I wonder if on some doctrinal level this boils down to jealousy.

Think about it…

The first person to take from the tree and eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil was eve…. this means that eve was the first one to attain critical thinking, discerning the difference between right and wrong. It’s no wonder they thrive on a culture of “mansplaining” and woman-shaming, something that not all other Christian denominations adhere too, considering the church up the road has a female pastor. Additionally, there are those who shame women for beibng emotional as if it’s somehow inherently wrong, and men get labeled as “gay”, “faggy”, or some other term meant to downplay their value and self-worth because they experience emotions, which is deemed a “woman thing” instead of what it truly is… a human thing. It’s emotion that binds us all together when knowledge my clash, and it’s emotion that leads to a more adequate discernment of right and wrong. Men are essentially robbed of discernment to a certain extent the more they’re shamed for their emotions. This is just 1 element of toxic masculinity alone that needs to change, and I hope to be able to promote that change in the long run as soon as I open my own coven.

Ugh… my head feels numb just typing this much as I have so much to say, I start work soon, some of this has been said before, and some of this needs to be said again, but I dont know how to coherently map my own thoughts at this point because theres just too much. Thursday I could probably do this, as I’ll need too to help me craft my letter to leave the church.


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