My First Product

So today finally happened… I made my first product for sale, and it is a body scrub commissioned by my friend tammy.

I started with a botanical fusion of parsley, calendula, and rose hips into shea nut oil and organic coconut oil, and let the herbal extraction take place over low heat for a while. From there I squeezed out the herbs, let it cool down, added the vitamin e oil, and the grapefruit & lemongrass essential oils. I used a TON of grapefruit, and a tiny amount of lemon grass, but I’m pretty sure that because the lemongrass was a much better brand, it overpowers the grapefruit, but still smells fantastic.

At first the product seemed a little dry, which concerned me since most scrubs are swimming in a pool of oil, but when you start scrubbing and run it under hot water, the result is amazing! The smell stays with you for a good hour or two, my skin is moisturized, and hours later I can still feel the difference. The down side is because the coconut oil is so thick it kinda solidifies the product, but a little heat will do the trick. It’s not perfect (according to my perfectionistic standards), but it’s a good 7 out of 10. As I hand out samples tomorrow I’ll start filling out a survey with people to get some good feedback as to where I go from here, but I’m excited!


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