Wednesday marked my good-bye too Hannaford; almost made it to the 2 year mark, but I realized I’m losing money working there compared to doing Uber.

Yesterday I managed to get the last of the money I needed to pay my phone bill before it’s disconnected, and as a result, I’m finally in a position to start saving up money – I mean I have my storage unit bill but that should be no problem getting that taken care of this week. Next week I should have $400 saved up by Friday, which is of course my sons birthday, so I’m going to make a birthday weekend out of it by snagging a campground for 3 nights by the lake and doing our first camp fire. Lately I’ve felt so enslaved by bills (including my first car payment and insurance) that I had no idea how heavily it weighed until I stuck the last of the money into my bank account. Literally. It was a brick that was lifted. According to projections I can finally start saving this month by up too $600 if I can pull $100 a day in uber. It sucks that this is my life now, but it’s the best chance I’ve got in this moment to escape my homelessness.


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