To my fans, followers, and humanitarians

Hello Everyone!While normally I use this site to record my dreams, as well as talk about the occasional life event every now and then, this post is about living your dreams. Specifically, I was accepted into my Masters degree program for Mental Health Counseling. My dreams is to one day be able to open my [...]


WTF Just Happened?

My family and I were somewhere doing something (great way to start this off, eh?) I think we were in downtown Dover. Something very valuable of ours gets ruined by some guy who works for Disney. We ask him to refund the price of the item or give us tickets into the theme parks to [...]

The Roots of Royalty

  I was in the craggy streets of some old European country. I was among a small group of black smiths, drunks, and peasants looking to release the wear and tear of our society of oppression. A sharply dressed man in a curly grey wig, cane, and a coat with tails that reached the backs of his knees summons a few [...]

On the Prowl of Distrust

I didn’t scramble out of bed as quickly as I should have this morning to get all the details of my dreams down, but I at least got this much… I was in the apartment hallway at Sunnyhurst. I was on the top floor and walking around when a woman came out of one of the units [...]

God Save the Queen

So I dreamt I was invited to a party in England. The invitation was given by the queen, and among my present company at the time was vegeta and goku. At some point the cast changed and switched out to ransom people I didn’t know. Additionaly, vegeta and goku didn’t make any contributions to the [...]