2017 & Welcoming in Change

I'm looking forward to doing my vision board on Wednesday, as it'll give me a chance to really launch myself forward. The more I think of UNH the more I hope to get in; leaving mid-term gave me an automatic F for those classes, but I'm sure that can be explained to school letting them [...]


Merry Christmas!

No, this is not my usual dream blog; just a special little moment to reach out to everyone! My holiday was filled with friends, family, fun, food, laughter, joy, wine, chocolate, love, presents, and pictures to be had for all. I hope your Christmas was filled with the same level of enrichment as ours! ~Carol

Riding on to Christmas

I got on the COAST bus at the Dover train station, looking to head to portsmouth for some reason. I get on and decided to stay standing at the front of the bus rather than sit down. I carry on a conversation with the bus driver, who's one of the older, heavier gentlemen. Suddenly, the [...]

Let’s Play Hide and Go Fuck Yourself

I'm shopping at walmart with my brother Jamie and my friend Joe Bailey. We're in the lawn and garden area (which has now turned into the Christmas warehouse) when we decide to play  hide and seek. I come around the corner of one of the isles and Jamie manages to scare the crap out of me with [...]

Oh Christmas Dream, Oh Christmas Dream!

This was the only blurb I can remember from when I woke up this morning, but it was awesome. 🙂 Its kind of funny having a dream about Christmas in July, but it’s my favorite holiday. Sorry, but I love commercialism fueled by the essence of tradition and nostalgia. There was my grandparents, my cousin ashley, my [...]