It’s all political

I was in a dream.... a group oriented dream. It started off with me needing to get an answer to something when I get pulled into the random room doing.... nothing. Just waiting. At first I think it's going to be a product review, of which we do get to review a few items and [...]


Lingering on the Edge of Consciousness

I wish I could remember it. I was walking to my sons appointment earlier and I remember a fragment of a dream I had - but no more than a fragment. Essentially I'm walking away and I see a tattoo on my arm from a second-person perspective, as though I were following myself from behind [...]

A Job for Life

I'm at my former place of employment - Yangtze, and I'm begging for a job from Moe. I feel incredibly small... almost half his height; in real life however he's only about 2 or 3 inches taller than me. He seems somewhat kinder and fatter than he use to be, but I don't question it. [...]