Hope, Deceit, and Karmic Energy

This week has been more fluctuating than the stock market during bush era. The most pressing issue on my plate was what I was sprung with last night... The guy I was FWB with, Chris, made it seem like trying to get back together with his girlfriend in Vermont was on a down spiral and [...]



I was at some baseball game... the Redsox versus the "Yonkers"; I had no idea who the Yonkers were so I assumed it was some crazy new team from Maine. All the men were out back behind the bleachers getting pre-game interviews and signing baseballs or chatting amongst teammates. They all looked pretty confident. A [...]

Down Down To China Town

The first part of the dream I remember being at a massive Chinese restaurant. I don't remember if I was officially working for them or not, but Moe Wong was in it. I was helping to keep the buffet tables stocked after I had a little with my dad. There were a bunch of tables [...]