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Thrown Out: Part 1

My son and I were just thrown out of the library. There was a public event feature some guy who professes himself to be a bit of a mind reader, and they were pretty cool tricks. My son was making little noises lying on the floor – he wasn’t loud, but when the room was silent, you could hear him. One of the women who worked there but was off the clock came up and told me to get my son under control because he’s distracting the guy, and when I explained to her he has a disability, she said “then you shouldn’t be here; you need to leave.”

This is a government building at a free public event. My son was VERY well behaved, and STILL we got thrown out! I hope the disability rights center sides with us; this feels like discrimination, and it should be. If to was private property that would be one thing, but in a government building, it’s another. We have every right to be there. 


#Bernie2020 and The Demise of America

This is a dark day… The fact of the matter is I will not “unite” as part of a deeply broken nation when there is no reason to do so. If you are not white, meninist, straight, able-bodied, neuro-typical, Christian, and male, you most likely have your rights at stake; everyone who says otherwise is only kidding themselves. Trump is a rapist and racist, and Pence openly supports gay conversion therapy. Even Trumps wife was all “I’m gonna stop online bullying”… Really? So do you intend to take away freedom of speech too? Your husband had to look at your ballot like a cheating school boy who didn’t know the answers to his math test just to make sure he could trust you, so who’s the real bully here? I will never unite behind your president, because you didn’t have to get behind mine just because he’s black. I’m terrified for the ones I care about, because the ones I care about ALL have something at stake.

I wear my Bernie button today as a sign of mourning. The DNC and people who supported Bernie and chose not to vote are the 2 biggest factors behind this. 

I truly just DONT understand… Remember when Britain got into a political debate to BAN Trump from their country out of fear of this man, and we still had at least 5 other republican candidates? How does that affect our ability to work with foreign negotiations? Remember how Bernie was invited to speak with the pope! A presidential hopeful was praised before he was ever handed his pink slip; he even won the people’s choice for time magazine. Bernie polled over trump in the primaries but super delegates fucked the people over, and now here in NH republicans took the lead, screwing us over as a state… What the fuck… I just can’t wrap my head around this… I’m glad we no longer have senator shaheen but come on! We have a rapist as a president and a Vice President who openly supports gay conversion therapy… Are gays going to be forced out of the military again? We still have a Supreme Court justice that needs to be elected since Scalias death! What the hell! 😢💔💀 

I am angry, fearful, and heartbroken. People who voted for trump are the reason we are not great as a nation, and have reason to live in fear. Hopefully come midterm elections Trump will have screwed up so badly people will pull their head out of their asses and give democrats control over house and senate again. 

PS: there’s no way in hell anyone can blame third party voters – Jill Stien only got .6% of the vote, so at this point it falls on the DNC for fraudulent activity against Bernie and PEOPLE WHO DIDNT SHOW UP TO VOTE!!!! #Bernie2020

The Dream of Arrests


I was driving down a road somewhere going 7 miles per hour over the speed limit…. mind you, you can legally go 5 over so I saw it as being 2 mph over the legal limit. Anyway, I see the blues flash and pull over to the right side of the lane. Two other cop cars are pulled over to the left directly across from me on the other side of the road. I huff and roll my eyes as I bend towards the passenger compartment to pull out my papers and my licence. He comes up to the car with his light flashing in my car (it was night time), and asks for licence and registration. I hand him both, and happen to notice there are two badges of two guys clipped to the right side of his uniform. Upon closer inspection, I recognized the one on the top. “Hey, that’s my brother! Why is his picture on a badge?” The cop looks up at me, bent over to make himself level to me, and gives a rather proudfull but uncomfortable smirk. “Oh, yeah? What’s his name?” “J**** S******”. He beams a smile at me and says “I’ll be right back.” I get very uncomfortable, and get out of the car. I follow him to one of the cop cars across the street where he’s typing up something on a laptop and analyzing papers. “Now wait a minute – whats this all about? Why do you have a picture of my brother? He’s done nothing wrong; he’s no criminal!” In my heart I feared he may be in trouble for theft or something, but the officer pulls out a ton of random pictures of my brother in party glasses and goof mardi gras wigs, making a fool out of himself for the sake of getting and giving a laugh…. the thought “eccentric as always” wistfully passes through my mind. The cop says “He’s been seen going around the fox run mall and a few other stores dressed like this. We think it’s highly suspicious.” Seriously? They’re going on a hunch? >.>’ If dressing like a goof-ball some new level of profiling? “Look, I know my brother is a little eccentric” I press, “but that alone doesn’t make him a criminal. He likes a good laugh and thinks it’s hilarious…. that’s all.” The cop gives a cocky chuckle and complements it with kind of a “uh-huh” response. He asks where my brother lives, and I tell him he’s living with me and give the address. He punches that into the computer, turns his head, and beams a full smile at me while handing me back my papers. “You’re free to go. Have a good night.” I’m left in shock and disbelief. He let me off without a ticket, and in exchange, I inadvertently helped him out in a case against my brother that I knew would amount to nothing. I get back in the car and drive off pissantly, spitting a verbal fire of hate towards the cops. I particularly remember calling them “pigs” once I was off and the stereo was playing. I call my brother when I am some distance away, and the dream fades out.

A Job for Life

I’m at my former place of employment – Yangtze, and I’m begging for a job from Moe. I feel incredibly small… almost half his height; in real life however he’s only about 2 or 3 inches taller than me. He seems somewhat kinder and fatter than he use to be, but I don’t question it. He listens attentively to me and responds both kindly and favorably; then just as he was about to give me the okay to start working, the entire Yangtze crew of waitresses interjects between me and the boss. The odd thing is I don’t know any of them, but they all “know” me. The first girl is heavy set, snooty, and has dirty blonde hair; you can tell she smokes and drinks heavily from the condition of her skin and teeth. Anyway, she pipes in to speak against me and tells Moe I shouldn’t be hired back because they all had too many problems with me. Calmly and rationally, I confronted her and told her to tell me the problems she had with me, stating “I can’t take ownership or responsibility for my actions until you tell me what I did wrong.” She was dumb struck but trying to keep her composure, so I said “go ahead, tell me what I did wrong, and then I can tell you what you did wrong.” I heard this kind of “Oooo” in the background and “psh” off to the side. Obviously I was pissed. Here I am begging for a job because my life and my sons life is on the line, and then this bitch who doesn’t even know me decides to step in and dictate my life? Who the hell does she think she is!?! Never the less they all disperse and I kind of wander around the restaurant waiting for a response from Moe. Then another waitress steps forward and decides to “inform “me whats “wrong” with me, without actually telling me whats wrong. She was my height, black hair, African American, medium thickness with her weight; actually she was very pretty. She told me I should just leave because I’m gonna screw everyone over. I told her “I dont even know you!!! Who are you to say anything?”, but she just kept telling me I suck, I’m gonna screw everyone over, I should leave, etc… She finally leaves and I walk back over to Moe. He WAS going to give me the job, but now because of the waitresses, and my less than flattering performance on saying I was gonna tell the other waitress whats wrong with her, he decides he doesn’t want to anymore. I break-down in a hard, heavy, and painful cry, trying to keep it as quiet as possible which made the intensity worse. The only thing that ran through me was the feeling that dictation between life and death was made for me and my son; we had no hope. Moe saw me sobbing and he visibly felt bad, but had made up his mind. The dream ends.


Riding on to Christmas

I got on the COAST bus at the Dover train station, looking to head to portsmouth for some reason. I get on and decided to stay standing at the front of the bus rather than sit down. I carry on a conversation with the bus driver, who’s one of the older, heavier gentlemen. Suddenly, the bus changes from going south to north once we get to the last little convince shop just before Dover point. I obviously found it strange since we were there to head to Portsmouth, and asked the bus driver why. He said this route is shorter, and we wont be heading to Portsmouth till we get to Dover again. I panic a little, because I start thinking about how now I’m going to be late for school, and someone is waiting for me to get there and I’ll be late – and I don’t have my phone.


Then it turns into a Christmas dream. I don’t remember everything at this point, but I know I had 4 round chocolate disks, and I had my little sister and someone else about her age there. I shared one with each of them, and decided to keep the last, but didn’t eat them. I think the chocolate was a rewards for getting some answers right to a few questions someone asked; I think it was my mom.


Evil Bus Driver

There was a neighbor who was a friend in my dream. The neighbor went away for the day and asked me to get her daughters from the school bus. I was somehow a passenger on the bus heading home with my dad and little brother Jim, and we had arranged for my other brother Jamie to meet us at a particular stop. We stopped at 1 stop after the agreed upon location, but we had a ton of stuff on the school bus. Everyone but the girls got off. I got back on to grab some more things and the bus driver took off with me and the girls still on the bus. I shouted at her to stop and she was being a total bitch. She stopped when other kids needed her, but not for me. Finally I told her my situation with the neighbor and she goes “Yeah I know, the neighbor left us a note about you, but I don’t trust you.”


Finally she stopped by the side of the road at a bus stop surrounded by woods. She let me get 1 of the girls off, but not the other. I run screaming and chasing the bus with the other girl following me as best as she can for a 7 year old, but she’s holding me up. Finally we get to what I think is a little drop I can jump over to continue to follow the bus, but it was a massive cliff up the side of a mountain that I didn’t recognize till I jumped with the girl in my hands. The moment I noticed I was able to catch the cliff with my other hand and scream for help. I was able to throw the girl over the cliff and back on to safe land, but all that was left was me dangling. Finally an old woman with white curly hair helped me back up. She was a tourist admiring the view. Broken and defeated I grab the girl and walk back to where we came from in an effort to find my dad and brothers. The dream ends.