Dances of the night

There were these shoes made of blown glass with musical notes for the heels; one was white and red blown glass, and one was white and blue. They were at Pine Tree Academy right by the stage in the basketball court; Oh how I wanted those shoes... they were beautiful and represented me so much [...]



My life while I wake is clouded with visions and plagued by day-dreams that are just as vivid as at night; the only difference is my memory. I cannot let go of the dreams that consume me during the day; I only wish I could remember what I see at night.

Digging in my Closet (Dreams from May)

Hey guys, So I was looking through some old documents on my computer trying to find a phone number, when I had totally forgotten I had a dream folder I started in May, prior to starting this blog. I figured I share them with you. I dont remember the one with my ex, but I [...]

Coupe De Crash

It was a boring late summers night at home, and I needed to get out and do something. My brother wasn’t home, and my son was sleeping, but my “brothers car” was here…. a 1999 Saturn 2 door coupe, gold, and it was all mine to drive. (This isn’t his car in real life, nor [...]