On Holy Ground

I remember a ceremony we use to do in the church called on holy ground, and is perhaps the basis of community healing and narritive therapy that I know. There was a blanket Miss Elizabeth would provide, and everyone would sit around the blanket, tucked into its warmth and security... Then slowly... One by one... [...]


I Cried Today…

I cried realizing just how lost and confused I am between science and religion, and not feeling a place of belonging because my thought processes, beliefs, and feelings are just so different from atheism and seventh-day adventism.I cried for the sins of my church. So many people I know, aside from myself, have been hurt [...]

Stressed & Fearful

I remember dreaming about Facebook. I was afraid Lydia LaJewel was on my other, more offensive Facebook was in my friends list. I was afraid and stressed she was seeing all the inappropriate jokes I post and telling everyone about it at the church. I began to panic a little and finally the dream faded [...]

Lingering on the Edge of Consciousness

I wish I could remember it. I was walking to my sons appointment earlier and I remember a fragment of a dream I had - but no more than a fragment. Essentially I'm walking away and I see a tattoo on my arm from a second-person perspective, as though I were following myself from behind [...]

Thieves & Jacuzzis

I had a weird dream… or rather, 2 dreams. I was in this Indian/American community on vacation with my family. It started off with this little girl named maya, nick named danny, who was 3 years old. She was swinging from her second story window on trees like a monkey would to try and peak [...]