It started off with my ex. It's fragmented at this point, but I remember being very angry at him. I remember him hitting on me, and my skin crawled. I was on the outside looking in, trying to warn some woman about how bad he was - but she didn't listen. He was manipulative and [...]


Let’s Play Hide and Go Fuck Yourself

I'm shopping at walmart with my brother Jamie and my friend Joe Bailey. We're in the lawn and garden area (which has now turned into the Christmas warehouse) when we decide to play  hide and seek. I come around the corner of one of the isles and Jamie manages to scare the crap out of me with [...]

Lost elements

In all honesty I couldnt get to editing this in time, so I dont remember it all... this is what I scribbled down this morning. Sorry I can't elaborate more. Mom is taking me to school. Jim is watching Sy. We go shopping before going to school, and she yells at me in public over [...]