Wednesday marked my good-bye too Hannaford; almost made it to the 2 year mark, but I realized I'm losing money working there compared to doing Uber. Yesterday I managed to get the last of the money I needed to pay my phone bill before it's disconnected, and as a result, I'm finally in a position [...]



I'm out and about with my dad at nighttime in this highly crowded place - most likely Florida and during Mardi-gras. People have drinks in hand and as they walk down the street, and a few were a little too obnoxious. We make our way to the car whens some heavy African american dude tries [...]

Lacking Focus

I remember bicycling to the church and reciving a phone call from one of the men, but some level of miscommunication had taken place. I was told there was gonna be an event of some kind that required a certain attire. I show up and the problem becomes extremely obvious - was I was in [...]

Happy New Year: My Year in Review

This is my once-a-year summary to reflect on all that I've been through and the changes that I have made. If I had to summarize my year to one word: progress. I'm so happy to see it, and there's much more to come. For now here's what I have to reflect on: Education: I OFFICIALLY [...]

Riding on to Christmas

I got on the COAST bus at the Dover train station, looking to head to portsmouth for some reason. I get on and decided to stay standing at the front of the bus rather than sit down. I carry on a conversation with the bus driver, who's one of the older, heavier gentlemen. Suddenly, the [...]

History Doesn’t Repeat Itself – It Only Rhymes

This is just killinng me now ` So my first dream was almost the same thing as yesterday; literally. Only differences were it was fragmented and a everything looked tiled in the end just like a mosaic, with blurred red, orange, pink, and gold hues. Still, I was desperate for my son. THEN I had [...]

Abandonment Issues

What a nightmare. šŸ˜¦ I woke up from dead sleep to a panic. I dreamed I left my son home alone in the middle of the day for him to do his own thing. When I got home he put himself to bed and woke up the moment he heard me. I felt so guilty [...]

Digging in my Closet (Dreams from May)

Hey guys, So I was looking through some old documents on my computer trying to find a phone number, when I had totally forgotten I had a dream folder I started in May, prior to starting this blog. I figured I share them with you. I dont remember the one with my ex, but I [...]

Crimes of the Heart

I'm working at a museum in the heart of the city of Boston. I run into an older heavyset male in his 40's who works for the place. He plan's on stealing an Egyptian goldĀ necklace, and needs my help to carry it out. TheĀ value of the necklace is expensive, but undisclosed to me. What I [...]

Fun with Fire Trucks

Just like yesterday, I couldn't catch myself quick enough in the process of dreaming. What I do remember was being at sunnyhurst apartments and riding in the front seat of a fire truck! WEEEEEWOOOOO!!! Thats the first time that I canĀ recollectĀ of dreaming of a fire truck. It was fun! ^_^ There wasn't any major disaster [...]