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Teachers of Revenge

I’m going to school, and the school itself has changed. It’s a fusion of my college and my son’s elementary school. Sy has daycare at “our” school now, and its a woman who looks almost the same as his primary teacher, along with a few teachers aids. After I’ve dropped him off in the classroom I turn around after shutting the door and see a loud mouth gossiper who’s my “friend” in this dream. She’s a short older grey haired woman in a darker grey sweater and black jeans. I say hi real quick and walk off to class, but forget where the class is located (I think) and wander back. There’s a door open, and the gossiping woman and my son’s teacher are talking in a closet and the “friend” starts to lie to her, saying how I’ve been telling people that I’ve been working hard in the classroom with my son; So in an effort to “help,” she tells my son’s teacher that I should have a job in the classroom, and possibly take her job. I stop her nonsense talk right then and there in a state of panic and fury, and interrupt them to clarify I never said any of this. All I said was that I volunteered in the classroom once, but wasn’t very helpful at all. As I said this, I looked at the teacher first, and placed my hand on her shoulder to try and validate my point. She was in the classroom, so she would know; then I look at my “friend” and glare at her. She’s embarrassed as fuck, and the teacher is pissed. The teacher stormed out of the closet leaving me upset and worried.

Later I’m in another classroom and I’m forced to stop what I’m doing. I’m bound and gagged by a bunch of women. They held me down, straw in my mouth, and forced me to over dose on cough medicine to try and kill me. It doesn’t work as planed. I pass out, but still breathing, so they send me to a torture room to have me killed in maple syrup  I’m lying on this metal grid with large circles in it, and it starts to raise. Syrup floods the room and starts to boil. I feel uncomfortable and roll over – a little to close to the edge to the point of falling in. Just then I’m rescued by a bunch of other teachers who actually work with the police, figured out “Leanne” – the teacher did it, and am healed back to normal. I give a statement and ask for a follow up report, but it turns out they’re not going to bring her to justice. I was pissed! In the end the police dropped me off outside the school, which is now located somewhere random in the middle of Dover. I realize all that drama made me miss 24 hours of class, but whats worse – where has my son been for the past 24 hours? I freak out and run around looking for him, but to no avail. I walk back to the school to try and find him there but I cant find the school now.  I look for a cop to help me but none of them are out driving.

I’m ready to cry. I miss my son.

I wake up


Death by the Joker: Nightmare

FINALLY IT WORKS! I’ve been trying to get a fucking blog up and WordPress is so good at making it NOT work for me! I bring up the page, it loads, and it wont let me type anything. You’re lucky my love for you has become an addiction or I’d rape your programmable ass. The other big error I get is 324. Fucking hell…

Anywho, this IS a dream blog. I haven’t seen the new batman movie and yes, I’m aware of the tragedy that unfolded in Colorado (rest in peace.) It was awful but I’ve been keeping at a distance from it because of how intense the whole thing is. When children become victims I cant take it. Never the less, I had a horrifying nightmare about the Joker that left me trembling for 15 minutes after I woke up. I’ve never been so scared like that from a dream in my life. I warn you now: it’s bad.

I was a detective in this New York looking urban area. The chief had been following the latest strings of crime from the Joker and noticed he was kidnapping women and murdering them, only to allow their bodies to be found and purposefully making the kidnappings predictable so he can BE followed. I was assigned to his case to figure out if he was going to be where the chief suspected, who he’s targeting, why, and to have a team ready once he made his move.

Moments later I found myself in a train station below the city, tracking the joker. He was in that nurse outfit from the dark night with the face paint all by himself, waiting for the next train to unload it’s passengers. I was waiting at a distance behind a concrete support-beam to watch what unfolds. A train passes, and a group of people get off to the right, not knowing the Joker was right there. People randomly walk by him as he randomly licks his lips, twitches, paces back and forth with his head down, and finally, he snatched someone. She was this completely random thin woman in heals and a black business skirt and coat. She screamed and struggled to get away. Next thing I see is a crowd of people walking by just long enough to let me see her escape, but not see where the Joker ran too. Next thing I see is his arm wrapped around my neck and he’s dragging me off. Captured.

I found myself in a middle class suburban house in a completely innocent and unsuspecting neighborhood. I was paralyzed with fear, and knew that in order to live, I needed to do as he says, play into his schemes, or come up with better ideas for him if it meant being able to escape for even a moment. What happened next was horrifying, and I never would have thought I could have uttered such a thing in fear to preserve my life. I’m lying on the couch waking up to find him hovering near me. He looks at me and say’s “Oh good, you’re up. Put this inside of you between your legs.” It was a remote detonated bomb what was definitely bigger than I could fit. I knew if I told him no he’d kill me, and the only thing I could say was that I needed lube or I couldn’t get it in. He pulls out this already open and rolled out condom and shakes violently as he puts lube inside the condom. Then he throws it on the coffee table and paces back and forth while having this paranoid schizo episode, mumbling under his breath about trying to create the next plan using me since the bomb idea wasn’t going to work.

I get up from the couch and look towards the door. Its open and unlocked, except for the screen door in front of it which is really easy to open. On the Jokers possession was a switch blade he could easily attack me with, or throw it straight at me should I try to run. I was trapped and scared like a mouse in a corner, knowing this cat was about to fucking murder me. He started verbally planning about cutting me open and inserting a bomb to send me off with, and he had no medical equipment, which means he was going to do it with me alive and bleeding everywhere. I tried to suggest something less painful like strapping a bomb to me and walking me out into public, but I couldn’t take it. I was going to die and there was nothing I could do no matter how hard I tried.

I woke up trembling all over, horrified at what I had said for the sake of avoiding death for even a few minutes. He didn’t kill me, but that doesn’t change the aftershock….